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We are experts for jobs large and small, aerial, unmanned, mobile and pedestrian.  We know the right tool to use for the job and deliver:


Acquisition Services:

  • High Density LiDAR point cloud data acquisition

  • Multi-rotor Unmanned system acquisition

  • Fixed wing acquisition services

  • Mobile-vehicle mount acquisition

  • Pedestrial backpack acquisition

  • Ground control acquisition

  • Flight Planning

  • FAA authorized pilots

Post Processing Service

  • LiDAR point cloud classification

  • Digital Elevation Model DEM

  • Bare earth ground classification

  • Powerline classification

  • Erosion mapping

  • Flood Plain mapping

  • BIM

  • Planimetrics

  • Data is projected into local coordinate system

  • Ground Control Report and Acquisition


  • Setting up a drone service company

  • LiDAR data acquisition training

  • LiDAR post-processing training

  • Fixed wing training

  • multi-rotor training

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We at LiDARGEAR have been at the forefront of the LiDAR industry since 2015.  We have traveled the world with our gear and delivered LiDAR surveys for governments, engineering firms, forestry, and urban development professionals.  We have learned a thing or two over the years and we want to pass that onto you.  We aren't here just to sell you another toy, we want you to have a complete surveying solution using the most reliable tech to get the job done.  We have been through it all before, so you don't have to .  Lets take on the future together.  So join us in delivering high quality 3D data to the world. 

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